Travel & Transportation

Developing deeper connections to customers and encouraging more valuable and relevant customer interactions with brands

Travel is an inherently social act. Even if you’re traveling alone, whether for business or leisure, you’re not really alone. Instead, you’re surrounded by scores of other travellers in airports, bus terminals, or hotel lobbies, most of whom will search for wifi connection to connect their devices. By using ReachFive’s RaaS (Registration as a Service) and Social Login products, travel and transportation companies will allow their users easy and fast registration or log on process. They will then have access to rich demographic and behavioral data that will allow them to build personalized strategies to develop closer relationships with their customers, driving customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Social media users share their travel experiences on these websites – they post photos, videos, links, and other pieces of content that are then shared by other users, and this cycle can repeat and spread like wildfire. Leveraging this potential to distribute special offers, notifications, updates, and other information about products and services can be a core driver in enhancing a travel or transportation company’s outreach.

Utilizing a robust social media strategy allows travel companies to directly engage in personalized ways with targeted and segmented users, and craft clear, focussed messaging to reach their different segments of travellers.