GDPR: Smart Consent by ReachFive


Data privacy & compliance

Today’s users require complete transparency regarding the use of their data. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will enter into force the 25th of May 2018, aims to standardize the local regulations but also to reinforce personal data privacy in European Union. The cornerstone of the text is the users’ consent to data processing, best way for users to make sure their personal data is not use for purpose they did not accept.

In order to help companies be GDPR compliant and protect their users’ privacy, ReachFive developed a new solution for managing consents: Smart Consent. Through this feature, ReachFive offers a concrete, simple and global solution to manage their users’ consents online and offline, answering major challenges brought by the GDPR.

Easy to set up, Smart Consent by ReachFive allows companies to catalogue their processing purposes, in several languages, and then to give users flexibility for the management of their identity by making available data control systems, as well as opt-ins/opt-outs allowing them to choose which data is transmitted, and to opt-out at any given time.

Discover an efficient and easy way to manage your customers’ consents with Smart Consent by ReachFive

Data privacy

ReachFive provides companies with all the tools needed to work in compliancy with local data protection regulations (GDPR)

  • Automatic deletion of an account if the associated social account is identified as suspicious.
  • Regulated access to sensitive profile information.
  • Automatic deletion of inactive accounts from the user database
  • Right to information about users’ personal details upon user request
  • Right for any user to access his/her personal details upon request
  • Right for the user to know if his/her personal details are being held
  • Right to change or remove user details upon request from the user
  • Right to prevent use of any user’s personal details upon request

ReachFive provides companies with a compliant and secured solution

  • Compliancy with the GDPR
  • Nomination of a DPO
  • Security : Data center ISO 27001, SOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II
  • Based on OpenID Connect / OAuth2
  • Respect of OWASP recommendations