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Turning Real-Time Reliable User Data into Increased Sales Revenue

In today’s digital world, customers can compare and evaluate products and services, shifting the power heavily in their favor. Because their customers expect the same experience online that they would get in-store, digital businesses must offer highly tailored and personalised services that make customers feel unique. Getting a better insight of their customers, gathering sophisticated, accurate user profiles, will allow e-retailers to personalize relationships with their customers and push targeted content to them, driving customer acquisition and increased conversion rates.

Through ReachFive’s Social Login product, users can log in to one or multiple brands’ web sites through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, LinkedIn, Paypal or Instagram. Companies then have access to real-time demographic and psychographic data about customers that they can use to understand them and personalize their marketing activities, such as tailored emailing campaigns based on the customers’ profile and interests..

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