Customer Identity Management

Drive more effective, personalized and engaging customer strategies 

How can you turn social media data into social media intelligence? How can you get deep insights about your customers’ social media data?

ReachFive’s Profile Management product provides you with an admin interface allowing you to manage customer profiles and insights to drive more effective, personalized and engaging strategies.

Collect, unify, structure and visualize data in real time and improve your customer knowledge to a deeper level 

Profile Management


Drive targeted and personalized strategies
Offer superior customer experience
Improve customer engagement
Keep user data secured at all time

Holistic Customer View Repository

ReachFive’s identity management repository allows you to store all data gathered from your users’ profiles and keep all user information up to date by gathering fresh profile data each time your users modify their profiles or add new insights.

Data Quality

With an abundance of data available through digital channels, data quality is more important than ever in creating highly sophisticated, accurate, customer profiles and achieving successful digital maketing campaigns. Gain higher data quality by gathering and storing real-time complete, reliable and insightful data on your users’ facts, tastes, activities, desires and connections and create rich cross-channel customer profiles.

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Data Security and Compliance

ReachFive’s CIAM platform delivers maximum efficiency and scalability while protecting consumer data with strict security and compliance standards. User data is stored and consolidated in real time. A back-up system duplicates all stored data for increased security and reliability.