Providing a superior customer experience, driving engagement, loyalty and ultimately revenue by delivering relevant and personalized content to consumers at the right time and place

Social media has given brands seemingly endless ways to connect with, inspire, and delight their fans. Whether they’re highlighting specific customers or sharing special deals and discounts, brands have been using social media platforms to create goodwill, loyalty, and ultimately more sales. Most fashion companies today are engaging with audiences on social networks. Time spent on phones and tablets has surpassed time spent on PCs. Mobile devices have replaced traditional browsing.

The fashion customer’s journey has become incredibly dynamic, moving across channels and devices that continue to multiply. And for each new channel consumers adopt, marketers are expected to follow with an appropriate engagement strategy. Having a holistic view of the customer and personalizing consumer experience has become fashion brands’ daily life. Knowing who their customers are, what they want and when they want it is the key to driving engagement and loyalty, and ultimately increased revenue.

Using ReachFive’s RaaS (Registration as a Service) and Social Login products, customers can now quickly register and log in to their favorite brands’ websites, using their existing online identities to simplify their shopping experiences.


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