Improve Customer Experience Through Advanced Identity Management

The Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) industry is undergoing fundamental changes as identity management shifts from big data to structured customer identity data.

a unique user experience, across an integrated, unified platform.

Relationships and interactions between customers and brands is undergoing deep transformation as online and offline boundaries disappear. Organizations need to deliver seamless, personalized customer engagement across multiple channels, and accomplishing this depends on capturing, managing, securing and using customer identity data.

ReachFive’s Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solutions help you create a unique user experience, across an integrated, unified platform. Our solutions help you acquire and recognise customers, collect accurate first-party data, build unified customer profiles and facilitate personalised marketing through integrations, driving revenue and loyalty.

Because we believe that Data is key to deliver a seamless customer experience, ReachFive’s philosophy revolves around 5 key pillars which are the 5Vs of Big Data : Volume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity and Value.
These have also inspired our logo.

5 key pillars
refers to the different types of data we can now use. ReachFive’s powerful analytical tools will analyze the data as it is being generated.
refers to the speed at which new data is generated and the speed at which data moves around. With ReachFive’s robust CIAM solutions, companies have the ability to collect rich demographic and behavioral profile information from their social login or registration method, building a powerful database of knowledge about their best customers.
refers to the vast amounts of data generated every second through social networks. ReachFive’s solutions allow companies to aggregate zillions of customer data and turn them into a stractured and powerful source of information.
refers to the messiness or trustworthiness of the data. ReachFive technology allows companies to work from accurate and reliable structured and unstructured customer data.
Having access to such a large amount of data is of no use unless you can turn it into real value. Truly knowing the customer is the key to marketing success today and ReachFive can help you do just that.