Social Login

Make registration Easy, Fast, Secure, and increase customer acquisition rate

You shouldn’t lose sales because of registration restrictions or identification problems. ReachFive’s Social Login feature enables optimum user experience during the registration and identification procedure.

Improve your customers’ experience by allowing them to use existing information from Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Paypal, Instagram or Pinterest, to sign into your website instead of creating a new login account specifically or having to remember authentication information.

Collect high quality customer social data to drive optimized, tailored and personalised marketing campaigns

Social Login


Increase conversion rates
Reduce cart abandonment
Maximize user experience
Simplify registration process
Gather precious and reliable first-party customer data
Make personalization more effective for increased customer acquisition and repeat purchases
Drastically reduce the risk of false data, forgotten login information and registration abandonment
Gather Real-Time First-Party Data and Gain Better Knowledge of Your Customers

Gather real-time demographic and psychographic data about your customers, and improve your segmentation, personalization and targeting efforts. By better defining which aspects of your users’ behavior or profiles are most significant to your business, you can start to measure and analyze better ways to engage them and ultimately sell more.

Because your customer is more than a collection of data, ReachFive’s social login feature prrovides you with a unified experience on all channels by allowing you to get an overall view of your customer’s tastes, demographics, and history.

Increase registrations and logins

Offering a social login option to visitors to your brand websites and mobile applications is no longer an option. It’s an imperative.

Recovering log in information is frustrating, and many people will not complete it. Social Login cuts down on a lengthy or sometimes frustrating registration process for consumers. As a result, they will stay longer on your site or app and possibly make more purchases.

With ReachFive’s Social Login feature, you can increase user registrations and conversions as well as improve the user experience by making the registration process quick, easy, and trustworthy.

Offer a seamless shopping experience

Make purchasing process easy and quick. Reduce cart abandonment rates and drive customer loyalty, as users will no longer need to register or create an account to purchase items in their carts

Optimized for all devices

Did you ever try to fill out a registration on a smartphone? Not easy. Because of the registration ease when using Social Login, users are more likely to stay on your site to purchase goods and services, especially if they are trying to access the site via mobile or tablet. ReachFive’s Social Login is specifically designed for optimal use across all devices.

Make personalization more effective

Since you have a greater amount and depth of user data, the customer experience you provide can be much more personalized. Moreover, your personalized email campaigns are now less likely to be considered spam or mistargeted.