Extended social data

How well do you know your users’ tastes and interests on Facebook?

ReachFive’s Extended Social Data product focuses on all users that registered to your web site via Facebook Social Login. This exclusive feature allows you to better understand your audience, analyse and segment all your registered Facebook users’ Likes.

  • Access and retrieve registered users’ Likes from Facebook with simple workflow process.
  • Identify Facebook pages that are likely to be relevant to your audience based on Facebook page Likes.
  • Segment users according to their affinities, tastes and special interests.
  • Build audiences according to multiple criteria on Facebook page selections

View, analyse and segment customers by interest to tailor your products, offers and campaigns and improve customer loyalty and engagement

Extended social data�
Custom Fields

Define and Manage Custom Fields to achieve Advanced Personalized Marketing Campaigns

  • Define personalized fields in addition to social profile data collected via social login or from traditional registration and assign custom validation rules to any individual user profiles.
  • Easily add custom fields, run queries, refresh and export data, and manage your customer records.
  • View and segment users by interest, demographic and influencer data using pre-built or custom filters.
  • Use this data to segment email campaigns, recommend content and products, and improve targeted marketing.