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Analytics & profile insight
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Data privacy & compliance

Analytics & profile insight

Audience builder

Data privacy & compliance

  • A simple user-friendly reporting dashboard lets you get a complete view and segment customers based on Social Login history.
  • Identify the most popular networks for Social Login on your site, analyze and segment connections through Google, Facebook Twitter… Drill down on registration and login analytics by customizable date range, desktop vs. mobile, domain, and preferred network.
  • Powerful filtering tools for first-party demographic data of any user who connects with your brand, including his age, gender, income bracket, geographical education, job, Lifestyle and cultural background….

Develop business intelligence and drive business performance.

Businesses often struggle to use social data to its maximum potential when it is collected in a very unstructured manner.

With ReachFive’s Audience Builder feature,

  • bring your users’ social media data together, all in one place
  • segment social media attributes based on information that can guide decisions and action
  • identify trends and understand what your audience wants
  • target your message with greater precision than ever before.
  • Eliminate data silos
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Build powerful data analytics
  • Get a single view of your customer across your entire business

Segment stored data by any number of fields and parameters and see which types of content resonates with which personas. Correlate segments with efficient messaging tone, timing, format and content, eliminating data silos. Send personalized messages based on purchase history, browsing activity, or customer attributes to precise target audiences.

Increase your pre-defined audience size, conversion rates and revenues.

Identify your business goals and define your key performance indicators. Analyze social login and registration conversion data across your social networks to segment and understand your audience. Identify how you can influence brand tactics and audience engagement using sophisticated segmented data analysis.

Export your powerful segmented data into other in-house Analytics, eMailing, Marketing Automation or CRM tools via built-in solutions and get one single customer view of your customer across the entire company. Build state-of-the-art campaigns that will result in maximized ROI, increased customer engagement and higher revenues.

Today’s users require complete transparency regarding the use of their data. Protect your users’ privacy and personal data. Provide clear information on how their data is handled and when appropriate, how their data is given to third parties.

Give users flexibility for the management of their identity by making available data control systems, as well as opt-ins/opt-outs allowing them to choose which data is transmitted, at any given time.

  • Automatic deletion of an account if the associated social account is identified as suspicious.
  • Compliance with local data protection regulations. Regulated access to sensitive profile information.
  • Automatic deletion of inactive accounts from the user database
  • Right to information about users’ personal details upon user request
  • Right for any user to access his/her personal details upon request
  • Right for the user to know if his/her personal details are being held
  • Right to change or remove user details upon request from the user
  • Right to prevent use of any user’s personal details upon request